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small_Jubee_Card_02_408 copyHi!

My name is Jubee and my big passion in life is human health, nutrition and the well being of the planet. I have over 10 years of experience in the natural health industry, working as a health practitioner.

I am a certified Nutritional Therapist, the local chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation (a prominent international foundation that stands for food sovereignty for all, and the endorsement of the culinary and health wisdom of pre-modernized indigenous cultures), a certified Body Stress Release practitioner, and a certified tai chi, chi kung, yoga and meditation instructor.

My passion, interest and knowledge in natural health was born out of my own health challenges that started during my early teens. Although I was a relatively athletic and sporty youngster, I suffered from chronic food allergies that gradually worsened as I got older. By my late teens I had already visited various medical and holistic practitioners, none of whom were able to give me any real clue as to what I was suffering from or how to heal it.

small_Jubee_Card_01_212As soon as I completed high school, I jetted over to South East Asia, where, fueled by my desire to understand my body’s natural ability to heal itself, I embarked on an exciting journey to discover as much as I could about natural healing.

While most people between the age of 19 and 24 were socializing, I spent all my time seeking out the best teachers of healing arts I could find and learning what they taught. Leading a kind of traveling monk existence, I enthusiastically and rather rigidly studied and practiced various forms of meditation, breathing, hatha yoga, tai chi, chi kung, reiki, therapeutic massage techniques, self hypnosis and many more weird and wonderful modalities.

It was always clear, however, that the healing of my condition was linked to food and nutrition. So as I journeyed, meeting teachers and working in various health resorts, I was also constantly and methodically reading and experimenting with every book on nutrition I could lay my hands on. I have probably tried and tested just about every nutritional theory that there is to try.  I have been a vegetarian, a macrobiotic vegetarian, pisceterian, vegan, raw foody, fruitarian, blood type theory follower, paleo eater, juicer, faster and for a moment in time a breathaterian.

Milk2Sanity prevailed though, and through this long and winding path  of trial and error, I was finally introduced to the works of Dr Weston A Price. He was a researcher from the 1920’s who documented the culinary and nutritional wisdom of indigenous peoples. His incredible writings teach us that these indigenous people, as long as they were not exposed to “the white man’s” refined sugar, flour and canned foods, actually lived in almost superhuman health and vigor. Reading Dr Price’s book and following the principles of their eating, I experienced powerful healing in my body, reversing chronic symptoms that had plagued me for years.

My journey through healing with nutrition also lead to my passionate interest in agriculture. As I studied Weston A Price’s work on nutrition, I realized that it is the sacred relationship with our food that modern day man has lost, and the terrible industrialization of our food system that is the real root cause of much of our modern day sickness and disease.

So my own healing came to me in this way, through Weston A Price’s nutritional wisdom, and that is also what I advocate for my clients with whom I work as a nutritional therapist. However, I have a great respect for each person’s bio-chemical individuality and dietary choices. I respect all nutritional protocols and, although I found the healing I was looking for through this form of nutrition, I experienced various benefit from the different protocols I experimented with: Vegan, paleo, ketogenic diets, whatever…!   You are all beautiful conscious eaters to me.

small_Jubee_Card_01_241To me, food matters: food is sacred. It nourishes our bodies, and is our eternal connection to nature. Food affects us as individuals and as a society in a multitude of ways, which we unfortunately often tend to overlook. I am greatly disappointed and concerned by what has become of our modern day food system, as I firmly believe that we are unknowingly hurting ourselves by the way we have industrialized and corporatized the growing and selling of food. We need to put the love and care back into our food, and this business is an attempt to do just that!

I wish everyone very good health.


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