Sustainable Packaging

Know Thy Farmer‘s ambition is to set a new precedent regarding the use of packaging.

We hope to challenge other businesses to follow our example, to eliminate the use of non-biodegradable, disposable packaging and to educate our local communities about the many serious reasons for us to be doing so.

We therefore deliver our meals in non-disposable glass containers. Please read below to find out more about how our simple glass container rotation system works.

Our Reasons For Going Plastic Free

  • Pollution.
  • Chemicals from plastic packaging leaching into our food.
  • Keeping down the cost of your food.


Plastic, polystyrene and other materials that are used for our food packaging are not biodegradable or easy to recycle. Therefore, most of our disposable food packaging still ends up in our already overburdened landfills. Landfills are problematic for our local ecosystems in many ways. As one example, the chemicals from decomposing wastes often leach into underground water networks.

The rest of our throw-away plastic (and there is a whole lot of it) is ending up in our rivers and our oceans. Marine biologists have already been referring to our oceans as ‘soups of plastic’. The presence of masses of washed-up plastic has been documented off the coasts of some of the most desolate islands of the world and it has been found that, even in these very remote areas, marine bird and sea life is being harmed by our throw-away waste.

Chemicals from Plastic Packaging leaching into our Food

Have you ever wondered about the effects of the plastic wrap used by grocery stores on your food? Most of the plastic wrap used by supermarkets is made from a PVC-based plastic, not to mention the polystyrene tray in which it is sitting. PVC-based plastic (just as an example of a commonly used disposable food packaging material) has a chemical called DEHA, which tends to leach out of the plastic wrapping and into your food. Many independent studies have published concerns that DEHA may act as an endocrine disruptor, that it has an impact on the health of our liver, and that it is even considered as a carcinogen.

Keeping Down Costs

The packaging of your favorite commercial snack or beverage is often costing you as much as the actual food or beverage! Do we really want to be spending our hard-earned money and precious resources on something we throw away almost immediately after we have bought it? Know Thy Farmer makes sure that the money you pay for a meal goes 100% towards bringing you the freshest, most nutritious and most delicious food possible and not on the senseless fancy, flashy, frilly bells and whistles of disposable food packaging.

How It Works

When you start ordering food from Know Thy Farmer, your food will initially be sent to you packed in 100% biodegradable packaging from Ecopack. Once you have decided that our food is the best thing you have ever tasted and are ready to make a commitment to eating healthy food and helping to save the environment, we ask you to buy two sets of glass containers, set and A and B, for the price of R250. A set consists of several different sizes of glass containers and a glass bottle. From that point onward, we deliver all your foods and beverages in your glass containers.

So, on Monday, your food arrives in container A and on Tuesday we simply collect container A, as we deliver you your Tuesday meal in Container B. On Wednesday, we collect container B and once again hand you your food in container A. This harmonious, delicious, sustainable and cost-effective cycle continues thereafter. If, however, for some inconceivable reason you wish to cease ordering meals from us, we hand the containers back to you to take home, as they are your property.


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