Why we’re different

Know Thy Farmer provides genuinely health-focused and delicious meals, made with ingredients sourced from local, small-scale, environmentally-friendly farms, without any of the toxic substances that have become an accepted norm of our modern-day food system.

Our Vision


  1. To bring good health to people by providing meals made from fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, prepared and/or cooked in accordance with grounded nutritional expertise.
  2. To support the environment and the local economy by avoiding mass-produced food from harmful factory farms, and instead supporting our local small-scale farmers. (See below to read more on how supporting local farms might improve our global environmental challenges.)
  3. To bring truly transparent and detailed information to our clients about the small-scale farmers from whom we buy our ingredients. We do this with the clear intention of providing consumers with an opportunity to be genuinely informed about their food, as opposed to the corporate food system that employs unscrupulous factory farming to source its food and so tries to prevent its customers from knowing where and how their food is grown. (We aim to provide full disclosure regarding the farmers who supply our ingredients, via blogs and video!)

The Meals We Serve

Know Thy Farmer‘s menu is completely devoid of any processed, refined and adulterated ingredients… even in our delicious deserts.

Our menu is greatly influenced by traditional foods in the Weston A Price style of Nutrition. We do not believe in anything too fancy or decadent, just good-quality, simple, fresh ingredients prepared according to traditional means, so that it is both nourishing and delicious.

We make sure that your meals are free of these commonly included harmful ingredients:

  • refined sugars (we use natural sweetener such as honey)
  • processed hydrogenated oils and trans fats
  • irradiated salt (only quality Himalayan or Sea Salt)
  • MSG
  • poor quality or refined flour
  • soy
  • GMO products
  • factory farmed meats

Can Supporting Local Farmers Really Improve Our Lives And Our World?

As my favorite farmer, Joel Salatin says:

You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.

Human Health

Four out of the top ten chronic diseases that plague the western world are diet related diseases. This is due to a) the industrialization of our agriculture and b) being part of a fast food culture that is mostly careless and indifferent to how it prepares and processes food. Eating meals that are prepared based on grounded nutritional principles and made from ingredients that come from conscious, non-industrial agriculture, is one of the most important investments we can make for the health of ourselves and our families.

We live in a world that is highly competitive and demands a lot of us. For the first time in history, man is spending most of his time away from nature, sitting indoors, breathing canned air and focusing on computer and television screens. It is important for us to realize that, when we are putting ourselves under pressure in this way, we need to take extra care to give our body the fuel it needs to maintain and heal itself. When we engage in this modern-day, high-paced, often stressful lifestyle, and neglect our diets at the same time, we put ourselves at real risk of developing weaknesses and illnesses.

Being healthy is simply fundamental to our enjoyment of life, whilst eating well is in turn foundational to having good health. We cannot consider ourselves well nourished unless we are accessing food from good farming practices, no matter what diet we may be following. Factory farming destroys soil health, which leaves our food devoid of many important nutrients, while at the same time, it saturates our food with harmful chemicals that irrevocably affect our bodies organs and systems. The only way we can access healthy food is from nature-minded, small-scale farmers who care for their soil!


As my favorite farmer, Joel Salatin says:

You, as a food buyer, have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit.

Consider this:

Our modern-day industrialized food system (including factory agriculture and food processing) uses more fossil fuels AND produces more CO2 than ANY other industry. Statistics suggest that somewhere between 20 and 35% worldwide fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions come from our corporate food system.

In 1940, we produced 2.3 calories of food energy for every 1 calorie of fossil fuel energy we used. Today, with our highly industrialised food system, we are using 10 calories of fossil fuels to produce one calorie of food. Something is VERY wrong with that!

More than half of the world’s antibiotics are used on farm animals who are leading cruel, unnatural lives.

Our corporate food system is also contributing to a vast majority of the world’s throw-away plastic. As one example, our marine biologists are highly alarmed about how the plastic is collecting in the ocean and seriously jeopardising marine and bird health. Know Thy Farmer uses no throw-away plastic for its food delivery (please see more information under ‘Sustainable Packaging‘).

Thankfully, there are small farmers, who are using traditional and innovative agricultural methods to produce healthy food, which at the same time actually heals the soil, land and ecosystem on which they are farming . They are the often unsung eco-warriors of our world and all too often go unrecognized. Our Vision for Know Thy Farmer is to support these wonderful people, and to help them support the environment!

The human race is having an undeniable effect on the environment of our planet. Many of us are aware of this, but are overwhelmed as to how we might contribute positively to the restoration of our local ecosystems. Know Thy Farmer is creating an opportunity for each one of us to support our local farmers, thereby having a direct and palpable impact on our local environment.



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