Did you know that our food has changed more in the last 50 years than it has throughout the whole history of our human species!?  This is all due to a transition that was ironically named the ‘green revolution’ that moved our food production from being a system of multiple small farmers that  grew plenty food naturally and supplying their local communities with what they needed, to a completely industrialised food system focused on using chemicals to mass produce as much food as possible, as quickly as possible.   What is alarming to note is that both the new artificial fertilisers and  the pesticides and herbicides, all came from  chemicals that were left over from the second world war.

Besides the fact that we started growing all of our food with these left over war chemicals, wealthy food companies also started to focus on producing any artificial substances and preserving processes that would increase their profits.  They hired scientists to come up with anything that could either prolong the shelf value of a food or make a food more addictive.  A whole range of artificial flavours, MSG, preservatives, refined flours, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup are but a few of a very long list of harmful food substances that suddenly saturated the food supply.

Back in the 1970’s,  medical professionals in the USA raised serious concerns regarding the impact the ‘Green Revolution’ and how the many new man made chemicals entering the food supply could effect human health, but these big powerful food companies used their great influence to lobby and bribe their way to convincing the authorities and the masses that the industrial food system is completely safe.

Today there is a large body of evidence to show that indeed, many of the modern disease challenges  we are faced with do have major links to the green revolution, and the massive influx of man made substances in our food over the last fifty years.

Unfortunately commercial food outlets are totally uninterested in making any real changes and continue to be happy to sell food with a massive range of these harmful substances.

At Know Thy Farmer we are on a mission to make good wholesome food available to people again.  We are working hard to identify and build good relationships with local farmers around the Western Cape, to support them in their endeavours of getting good food to the people.

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